Extraction devices in insulation board production

Reliable handling of process waste is of utmost importance in the production of insulation material. Be it EPS, EPP, XPS, PUR, glass wool or mineral wool, wood fiber, PE, PP, PET or PVC: Processes with all those materials become faster and more complex every day. This is why a top notch extraction system is key.  

Krämer units guarantee for safety and cleanliness in the production process, high productivity and thus ressource efficiency. With rising energy prices it is worth a note that our systems are highly energy efficient and cost saving.  

Dust, chips, fibers, granules, offcuts and foam particles are: 

  • Efficiently removed from the production area 
  • Prepared for disposal 
  • Moved and dosed and 
  • Stored economically.  

Our systems guarantee for clean air in the following processes: 

  • Cutting, milling, trimming at insulation board production lines (XPS / EPS / PU / PIR and other plastics) 
  • production of insulation material made from glass wool or mineral wool 
  • production of expanded plastics such as EPS and XPS 
  • extruding 
  • laminating, glueing and welding 
  • recycling  
  • cutting and grinding in the manufacturing of fibre-reinforced plastics 

Our units also help in material handling:  

  • pneumatic transport of EPS, EPP, XPS material 
  • dust extraction of granules and transport of granules 
  • construction of silo plants including filling and discharge systems 
  • feeding and discharge at recycling machines. 

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Extraction and disposal systems for dust chips and process waste

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