Our engineers and technicians are characterized by a broad spectrum of experience - they work together with customers to develop tailor-made solutions. Advice can be useful as early as the preparation stage of an investment decision to ensure that the project is not undersized or oversized as it progresses. The same applies to production waste that is difficult to handle due to static charge, wear, adhesion, etc.


The properties of some types of material require test set-ups and test runs to be carried out before the detailed planning of a new extraction system. These practical tests in our Krämer Lab are also required for new, particularly complex forms of application. These serve to further improve the design of a new system and to customize it to individual customer requirements.


The individually planned and correspondingly produced modules of an extraction system are installed and commissioned by experienced Krämer fitters. Flexible adaptation to local conditions and introducing the customer to the control and maintenance of the new system are part of our installation team's tools of the trade.


The user-friendly control of our systems makes training and instructing your specialist personnel extremely easy. Our technicians will, of course, carry out individual training courses as required and for particularly complex applications, for example to enable optimum analysis of potential savings in the event of changing system utilization.

After-Sales & maintenance

The better your extraction and disposal system is maintained, the greater the safety of your production processes and the more efficiently your products can be manufactured. Our technicians are there for you when it comes to regular inspections of the system. But also, of course, if you want to expand your existing system.

Service FAQ

Can I just get advice from Krämer Lufttechnik at first?

Before any investment decision in an extraction and disposal plant, there are many questions, such as: What exactly do I need? What is the flow behavior of my waste? How well can the plant handle different loads? How well can the plant be expanded for future needs? Only once these and other questions are answered can the decision to invest be made.

How can I remotely control my extraction and disposal plant?

Our digital control systems enable remote access via any PC that has the software and authorization to control the plant. The software setup is straightforward.

Does Krämer Lufttechnik also take on maintenance contracts for systems that were not designed by Krämer Lufttechnik?

Yes, but we first make a detailed assessment of the existing system and a risk assessment.

Extraction and disposal systems for dust chips and process waste

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